Friday, August 03, 2007

Polaroids # 15

Björk blowing my mind at the Paléo Festival in Switzerland...

(Excuse me while I indulge myself with a text full of superlative adjectives towards my favourite artist of, hum, all time?...)

This was the 4th time I've seen Björk live and if you think she's losing her touch (how can you?), think again: this was probably the best ever. If I add that it was also one of the most intense concerts I've ever witnessed, you'll get the idea. Starting at full speed with a brutal interpretation of "Earth Intruders", she made it clear that we were on to something special. The stage was simple but beautifully effective, with the trees behind it iluminated, making a perfect landscape for a celebration amongst nature. There were also flags, lasers, fire, fluorescent clothes and plasmas, but most of all, there was Björk, energetic and happy as I'd never seen her before and, shall we not forget, with that unique voice, that night sounding better than ever. After the celebratory "Earth Intruders" intro, a special hypnotic tension was then slowly built, with beautiful / touching renditions of favourites like "Hunter", "Pagan Poetry", "The Pleasure Is All Mine", "Unravel", "Jóga"... by the middle, when everyone was already completely conquered and on their knees, things started to heat up even further while the rhythm got faster, ending up with a cathartic experience in our hands where everyone was hysterically screaming and jumping to anthems like "Wanderlust", "Hyperballad", "Pluto" or "Declare Independence". Whoa, intense! And to make it even more special, she was all the time in great spirits, looking relaxed, always smiling and laughing a lot, jumping, exchanging crazy faces with her band and also with the audience, dancing, screaming and doing all those cute Björkish things. In the end, I suppose everyone was feeling like myself: wonderfully happy. Thank you Björk.

(Pictures taken on the 25th of July 2007 in Nyon, Switzerland)

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