Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

With so much hype surrounding this Brooklyn band for the last months, I have to confess that, when finally hearing their debut album, there was a bit of disappointment from my side. Sure, the much-talked african influences and rhythms were nice and all but, hum, it just felt there was nothing really groundbreaking here as it should. That's the problem with managing expectations, right? But a few more listens and everything starts making sense. It's still true that nothing here is particularly new but there's also an out-of this-world freshness from start to end that is impossible to resist, something that makes this music completely addictive. And nothing else is needed than having each sound carefully inserted in the right place and let inspiration and enthusiasm do the rest. So their goal wasn't changing the world, it was just having fun and make plain-simple indie songs that are insanely catchy. And when music has the ability to make you happy and smile, what's not to love about it? (8/10)

Vampire Weekend - Mansard Roof (video)

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