Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lykke Li - Youth Novels

The amazing video for "Little Bit", posted here some months ago, was the first lead that there was something to this girl. "Youth Novels", her first album, only confirms our thoughts, as it really seems impossible not to fall over her heels. Ever since she appeared, comparisons to Robyn have abound and they do make some sense, as both are swedish and have very personal views of what pop music should be. However, Lykke Li makes a difference for playing more with the elements around her voice, her songs seeming like little bricolage miniatures. With a sound less dependent on electronic tricks, we have amazingly-written songs and a sugar-candid voice that is just irresistible, taking us into a personal journey that, musically, manages to sound both experimental and extremely catchy. The trick is to maintain its pop values, high-class elegance and a half-delicate approach and then having some twisted fun around it, incorporating unexpected elements and new darker angles. Simple at first, revealing more and more complex atmospheres with each new listen and, in the end, intensely seductive. (8,5/10)

Lykke Li - I'm Good I'm Gone (acoustic live version featuring Robyn, Adam & Bebban from Shout Out Louds, Daniel from The Concretes, Lars from Laakso and Mikael from Hjalmar)

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