Thursday, January 10, 2008

Polaroids # 17

Back from London where I spent 10 unbelievable days. And how was it? After getting used to the hordes of tourists everywhere, it actually couldn't get any better! And I guess you can't be blamed for successfully creating and selling so many touristic spots, so let's move on... Nice to see that the city still has everything that made it so famous and well-loved. So many things to see and do everywhere, so many different people and interesting styles, an intense nightlife, uplifting parties, beautiful architecture, nice stores, a dynamic cultural life and, above all, an incredibly relaxed and open atmosphere. To cut it short, you really end up with the feeling that everything happens there. So here are the inevitable touristic shots...

Balloons! Fake snow! "Golden Skans"! Hello 2008!

(Pictures taken in London between 29th December 2007 - 7th January 2008)

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