Friday, January 11, 2008

Home Videos # 9

The Clik Clik - My Dunks (live)

I had read about this band some months ago and at that time, after checking their MySpace page, it appeared to me that there was a lot of potential. So it was with great joy that, during my stay in London, I stumbled across one of their gigs, for the time being still in a small packed bar, in front of just a few dozens of people (though I suspect that is about to change). Their sound is a versatile electro-indie-pop mash with a bit of grime thrown in and a lot of that fresh enthusiasm that defines this new wave of young British bands. For example, the song shown in here is an hilarious story about a love triangle between a boy, a girl... and his dunks. Yes, those white Nike dunks need to remain perfect and pristine white. Pure infectious stuff!

(filmed on the 04-01-2008 at the Bosh! party in London)

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