Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pantha Du Prince - This Bliss

Coming from Germany, Hendrik Weber (under one of his pseudonyms, Pantha Du Prince) could be called a sound scientist. Hearing "This Bliss", it seems that each sound was mathematically studied to be inserted in its exact right place, as if the act of making music (in this case, ambient / minimal techno) consisted mostly of solving complex equations. We could call this process as sound designing, with the final goal of building smooth aural travels of extreme elegance. Of course that with a concept like this, monotony could easily take over, but thankfully this is not the case. His savoir-faire was strong enough to also insert subtle changes, each track having a life of its own and evolving into distinct places. And ultimately, this fine evolutions are what take "This Bliss" to higher levels, serving as elements that slowly hypnotize its listenners, making this music, at the same time, formal (mechanical) and risky (human) as few other electronics acts these days. Touching many anthagonic atmospheres (dark / bright, cold / warm, austere / luxuriant) as if they were just close twins, the best example for this can be heard in "Saturn Strobe", one of the most formally perfect and also beautiful songs that we'll probably hear this year. (8/10)

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