Thursday, May 17, 2007

Maps - We Can Create

"We Can Create" is one of those rare records whose greatest assets are far from any logical explanation. Here's a sound strongly inspired by old bands like My Bloody Valentine or Spiritualized that manages to sound deliriously fresh and young. Here's a project that could be associated with the shoegazing revival, a genre that is mostly known for its self absorbed songs, and yet sounds so open and spacious. So, how to explain it? My only guess is divine inspiration to write grandiose tunes and intense choruses and carefully build epic anthems that want to touch the sky. Or the ability to create something unique and truly original out of so easy-to-spot references. With just a handful of basic elements (layers of distorted guitars, keyboards, drums, synths, fragile vocals and discreet electronics), and the help of producer Valgeir Sigurðsson (Björk) and mixer Ken Thomas (Sigur Rós), Maps (an english solo project of James Chapman) has created the perfect soundtrack for everyone that likes to dream about the stars. Beautiful, intense, hypnotic and heart-stopping. (8,5/10)

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