Sunday, December 03, 2006

Various - The World Is Gone

Various Production is a mysterious project of two London producers and their debut album, The World Is Gone, is the strongest proof so far that dubstep, besides being the hottest musical genre nowadays, is also starting to become a vyrus and infect other styles. Basically, this album is doing with dubstep in 2006 what "Dummy", by Portishead, has done with trip-hop in 1994: grabbing an emerging musical style, so far largely used in instrumental music, and constructing songs with melodies over it, sang by tormented voices. This results in something literally never heard before, making the listener first gasp with surprise and then gasp again, but this time with enthusiasm. A symbiosis between many extremes, uniting the past (folk songs) and the future (dubstep digital rhythms), The World Is Gone is perfect music that could also be the soundtrack to ancient rituals performed in an advanced technologic civilization. Dark, luminous, scary, beautiful, haunted and bloody good.

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