Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Spektrum - Fun At The Gymkhana Club

In 2004, with the release of their first album "Enter The...", Spektrum instantly became one of my favourite bands. Coming from nowhere, here was a band with a daring attitude and an unique sound, somewhere between electro, post-punk, funk, r&b and pop, only vaguely inspired by the 1980's and fronted by a charismatic singer full of lascivious attitudes. And now with their second album, we're again taken aback. Fun At The Gymkhana Club is pure infectious hedonism, and if their trademark mutant sound is intact, there are still lots of surprises, as they seem more willing to experiment than ever. Challenging like not many other records these days, there are so many sounds and details in here that you'll need a few listens to fully understand what is going on, but it will be worth it. To put it straight, this is physical and even horny music to make your speakers/headphones blast with orgasmic sounds. The conclusion can only be one: to our luck, the Spektrum definitely have balls.

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