Monday, March 07, 2011

Cut Copy - Zonoscope

When you are responsible for an album - 2008's In Ghost Colours - that has become an indie-classic, with many of its songs seen now as celebratory anthems, how do you follow it up? If you are Cut Copy, then this is what you do: reduce the anthemic properties of your new tracks, take out almost all guitars and immerse the tunes in a myriad of 80's synthesizers. And Zonoscope is exactly all about that: building ethereal dance atmospheres instead of physical numbers, while exploring different synthetic textures.
But the final goal is still the same and almost as successfuly achieved as before: to create ecstactic music and aim higher into the sky. Or, in other words, to reach for the stars while dancing on the way. (7,5/10)

Cut Copy - Need You Now (video)

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