Monday, March 28, 2011

Britney Spears - Femme Fatale

And now for the question that is in everyone's minds: is Femme Fatale actually any better than Blackout?
Britney's 2007 album is still unique in every sense of the word. Recorded during a very specific period of her life, when she was having a public meltdown in front of the whole world to see, you could sense that turbulence everywhere on that record: her voice engulfed in all the radical sonics, creating a tension and a claustrophobic atmosphere that, in the end, showed she was then a much-solitary soul.
After Circus put her back on track, at least with her own self, Femme Fatale is where everything really falls into the right place, creating what will probably become one of her most iconic moments in her career. This is where the cheeky and naughty Brit that we all love is at full force again, opening up to the world and inviting everyone to her party... while, at the same time, all the producers and writers involved in this project seem to have been blessed with a divine moment of manic inspiration, considering what they've come up with for Femme Fatale. Really now: Cyborg sex-vixen Britney? Yes please!
In the end, saying that this album is without any flaw and that there's not a single filler in here, is an understatement. What is true is that listening to it - and Lord knows I haven't been able to do anything else in the past few weeks - gives a new meaning to the concept of experiencing multiple sequenced eargasms.
And back to that introductory question: is Femme Fatale actually any better than Blackout? Only time will tell, but for now one thing is for sure: Britney's back, bitch! (9/10)

Britney Spears - Inside Out (mp3)