Monday, November 15, 2010

Mystery Jets - Serotonin

Twenty One, their previous album, is probably one of the most underrated records of recent years. With all its perfect catchy tunes and euphoric indie-pop vibes, it still managed to skip the radar of almost everyone, and quite unfairly so.
Is that why Serotonin is now a whole different beast? We'll probably never know, but the shock is indeed there: where Twenty One was a very accurate window to all things hip and cool in the indie world, this new album goes in a very opposite direction, channelling past bands like Fleetwood Mac (!) or Supertramp (!!). Pass the initial surprise though, and you'll be able to find everything that has always been great about these guys: namely, the ability to create timeless and joyful pop anthems full of addictive hooks and riffs. And even if there wasn't any other reasons to praise this album, we would always have that cover. (7/10)

Mystery Jets - Dreaming Of Another World (video)

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