Monday, November 22, 2010

Matthew Dear - Black City

He may have started as a techno musician, but those days are long past gone. Black City, his fourth album, continues Matthew Dear's journey into a very individual world, filled with his own (unnatural) voice, skeleton melodies, glitch details and immersive synths, while the BPM's are getting slower and more diverse. And even if influences may range from new wave, krautrock, disco, R&B or ambient, that doesn't really say much, as this is actually one of those cases where the result is completely something else and very different from the logical sum of its parts.
With all the rich textures that each song presents, Black City actually ends up being pretty enigmatic: dark, nocturnal, hypnotic, involving and with a somewhat dirty atmosphere. A bit like soundtracking twisted S&M acts in a large warehouse, late night, no lights on. (8/10)

Matthew Dear - You Put A Smell On Me (mp3 via Fluxblog)

MDBC Abstraction (video)

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