Monday, August 02, 2010

Prince - 20Ten

With a legacy like what Prince has already given us, there is an understandable tendency to evaluate his present releases not only by themselves, but also considering his past work in the equation. And this can lead to one of two things: either complaining about how he hasn't managed to deliver something so groundbreaking as, say, Purple Rain or Sign “☮” the Times; or seeing the man as a true genius exactly because of that past legacy and thus still finding proofs of that genius in everything he does these days. And before you read any further, you should know that, yes, I include myself in that second group.
With that said, 20Ten excels my expectations and then some, mainly because it contains some of the freshest music Prince has recorded in the past 10 years. Meaning that this is an album where he clearly just wants to have fun without any further complicated concept, and while doing so, he sounds, well, basically a lot like vintage Prince. Those classic synthetic beats are here, alongside an addictive funky atmosphere and a sensual minimal groove. Sure, maybe nothing new, but hasn't he revolutionized music enough times in the past 30 years already? And the fact that Prince being Prince sounds so damm good... well, that kinda speaks for itself. (7,5/10)

Prince - Everybody Loves Me (mp3)

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