Sunday, August 22, 2010

ceo - White Magic

Some trivia: one of my favourite bands from the past 5 years is a Swedish duo called The Tough Alliance which has perfected the art of escapism, either with their own records or with the amazing releases - Air France, jj, The Honeydrips, to name just a few - from their own label Sincerely Yours. So escapism is something that is being looked for by a lot of people these days, including myself. And what this fact actually means, I'm not really sure, so let's leave it to each one's imagination.
With ceo, a side project of Eric Berglund - one half of TTA -, that art is again sublimed into a whole new level, but this time we are actually taken to a different and unusual destination. Yes, there are still the sunny and summery vibes by the seaside, but we also seem to be travelling timewise, visiting an ancient period inhabited by higher entities.
So is this the grown-up and wise version of The Tough Alliance, and are they going all religious on us? Well, in a sense, yes, but very much on their own terms. Meaning that this journey does sound like a cult celebration aimed to reach a personal epiphany, but one that is done through a very pagan perspective.
In the end, those pop hooks and catchy melodies - now added by lush orchestral pieces - really let no mistake be made: it's still the (individual) celebration that counts. And with pagan rituals? White Magic! (9/10)

ceo - Illuminata (mp3 via Fuck yeah! Go team!)

ceo - White Magic (mp3 via Part-time music)

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