Monday, May 31, 2010

Tanlines - Settings EP

Consisting of Jesse Cohen (from Professor Murder) and Eric Emm (from Don Caballero and Storm & Stress), Tanlines is another Brooklyn duo, but they have very few things in common with their hip neighbor friends - or even with their previous projects, for that matter, more indebted to post-punk and math-rock. A sunny proposition with an incredible amount of luminous hooks and neon vibes, Settings is pure synth-pop in all its glory, bringing into mind the sounds of Swedish heroes The Tough Alliance.
With half the songs as instrumentals, the partial lack of voices is not a reason to stop being melodic, as they so well demonstrate. Marrying tropical percussive elements with swirling guitars and modern electronic, these are tracks that should appeal to the most basic instincts, only because they sound so direct and clean - and also really damm catchy. And while the lead voices, when appearing, have an amauteurish vibe that could put off some ears, this fact actually adds an unique homemade atmosphere, thus exuding a charm of its own.
The amount of projects out there that are as much inspired by indie-rock as club music is huge and still increasing, so much so that these divisions have actually stopped making sense these days. Tanlines are here to blur that line a bit further...and they do so while making us travel to a summer island with a fresh cocktail in our hands. (7/10)

Tanlines - Real Life (mp3 via Pitchfork)

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