Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can't shake this feeling

Fancy some ultra fresh disco with a less cerebral approach? This one by up-and-coming producer Grum is pure fun with a retro flavour, taking cues on acid house, nu-disco and funk. As for the video, it involves a whole lot of food and it's basically brilliant. And with that, I'll leave you with the words from one of its directors, Ryan McNeill, part of The General Assembly:

“Making this video was probably far more fun for those of us behind the camera than for everyone on camera. We provided spit buckets for our actresses so they wouldn’t have to swallow all the food. Even with that precautionary measure, I definitely saw gag reflexes kicking in during the scenes with baked beans. The actor playing the father was a great sport about shooting scenes on some frightening streets in downtown Los Angeles. I was just relieved that actors even showed up after receiving the call that they had been cast in a music video about the lurid, pornographic underbelly of competitive eating.”


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