Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You've been a very bad girl Gaga

Here is the new Lady Gaga video, featuring Beyoncé. Telephone serves as a continuation to her Paparazzi video, starting from where that one ended. It is directed by the ever so wonderful Jonas Åkerlund (Madonna's long-time partner in crime) and it was already famous before it premiered. There has been a lot of expectation regarding this video, mostly due to a clever online marketing campaign that teased fans with the most exuberant images from the recording. I think it's wonderful, it's crazy-good and even superior to the Bad Romance one. Her acting scenes are stiff, not even Madonna-stiff but STIFF, but thankfully Beyoncé is there to raise up the acting level. I do regret the TONS of product placements she is putting on here, I mean, sandwich bread??? While Gaga looks like herself (loving the telephone head piece), I have to say Beyoncé looks amazing, very sexy and stylish. The video is funny and silly, like Kill Bill and Thelma & Louise mashed-up together with Madonna's Who's That Girl film (that no one would have guessed could become a reference to anything). And it works. I particularly like the scene where she gets out of jail and does a little step dance and a scream. Reminds me of Michael Jackson. She is heading towards that direction indeed, becoming more and more a larger-than-life singer that exhales performance-art and yet no one really knows much about who she is in private. She is bringing excitement back into the pop world, and the massive response to the premiere of this video is only proof that people missed that excitement.

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