Sunday, March 21, 2010

A ride outta town

Joining Egyptian Hip-Hop in the basket of young musicians set to turn the indie scene upside-down in the near future, Brad Oberhofer is a 19-year-old that started as an intern at Matador records, apparently only to have his demos fall into grace among his bosses. Judging from the brilliant wonders of lo-fi gem Away Frm U - and the rest included in his handmade 7-track EP o0Oo0Oo - , it's easy to understand why: a killer tune with a lush pop melody and a load of amazing hooks, infectiously performed with the palpable excitement and exuberance of someone about to have the time of his life. And if the already-known tracks serve as any indication of his talents, it's not hard to believe that big things will indeed happen to him.

Oberhofer - Away Frm U (mp3 via Abeano Music)

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