Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Marina & The Diamonds - The Family Jewels

"They call him Hermit the Frog / He's looking for a dog / Did you find a bitch in me?"

She may not be a consensual artist, what with all the wacky lyrics, vocal mannerisms and a general tendency to overload our senses with everything on her hand, but boy, weren't we all in need of someone like her. Like a breeze of fresh air to blow away all possible monotony around, she's a complete artist, an extravagant and fearless persona, but also with a subtle dose of melancholy from time to time, because in the end we're all just human and she's one of us.
Difficult to categorize, she will probably appeal as much to the hip-conscious teen as to the middle-aged music lover, while being compared to such disparate artists as Regina Spektor, Kate Nash, Tori Amos, Siouxsie Sioux or even being branded as "Kate Bush on acid". But with such a genuine and ferocious delivery of so many raw emotions, all condensed in what is, ultimately, an extremely intelligent pop album, there's no question that she does stand in a place of her own.
And finally, there's the aforementioned lyrics, with high chances that you'll probably either love or hate, or maybe even both at the same time, but which ultimately just show how brave and unique she is - with the line "I want to be cuckoo" standing already as an absolute classic.
Hearing fireworks in your head and feeling completely overwhelmed by them? Chances are you've just entered Marina's peculiar universe. "Oh my god you look just like Shakira / Oh no it's Catherine Zeta / Actually my name's Marina". (8,5/10)

Marina & The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (video)

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