Friday, December 11, 2009

HURTS - Wonderful Life (video)

"Something in the air"

2009 is not over yet, but let's start our tips for 2010 already, shall we? First in line we have HURTS and this massive first single, with its pristine production and melody, and an intense darkness borrowed directly from the shadows of Manchester circa 1983. Hell, they're even able to drop a saxophone solo into the middle of this song and still maintain their posture. How brave is that? Lush synth pop for all the sad and loners out there - and we all like to be one sometimes, don't we?


Anonymous said...

love this song! and it even tells a story, which is great for a change. i haven't heard this kind of lyrics for some time.

thanks for the tip! again!

Anonymous said...

and it's growing on me with every listening. lo-lo-love it!


PR said...

you're right, it's not common anymore to have this kind of story-lyrics. glad you liked it!