Friday, August 21, 2009

Frankmusik - Complete Me

If, at first listen, you have mixed feelings towards Complete Me, then don't feel bad, you are not alone. My primary reaction was the same and mainly caused by what Stuart Price, who co-produces this record, has done to the overall sound. Which is actually not much (mainly turning the beats fatter) but still enough to make me feel confused in the beginning, sort of missing the DIY dry sounds of the Frankisum EP. But still, something addicted me in a way that I couldn't stop hearing it over and over again, until nothing else mattered than the fact that this is actually a brilliant collection of pop songs like all pop albums should be: versatile, fun, human and even a bit volatile. So besides the trademark ZX spectrum sounds that made his name in his early days ("Gotta Boyfriend", "In Step", "When Your Around"), we have ballads a la Keane which sound much better than Keane will ever dream of being ("Your Boy"), cheesy 1980's pop anthems - but "cheesy" in the best way possible ("Better Off As Two", "3 Little Words", "Wonder Women"), touching moments ("Complete Me", "Vacant Heart"), experimental electronic ballads that are just incredibly amazing ("Done Done", "Run Away From Trouble"), and much more, while everything still sounding very unique and individual - very "Frankmusik". Hell, he even has a charming and "nice guy" personality that seems almost too perfect to be true (and maybe that's why some critics have been trying to start a backlash and writing pointless and mean reviews - yes NME, I'm looking at you). So basically, a new pop star is officially born. Now show your love. (8,5/10)

Frankmusik - Confusion Girl (video)

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