Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wavves - Wavvves

The story of Nathan Williams is similar to many others. A bored kid that decides to record music in a 4-track cassette, a home-made demo ("Wavves") that ends up doing the rounds on the internet, an intense hype following, and finally, a first full-length album for a bigger label, and all this in no more than 6 months. The difference this time is that not much has really changed in his music: everything still sounds like it was recorded in a very cheap way (lo-fi? more like no-fi!), and half the charm of Wavves comes from the authenticity that this involves. But that's not all, as there really is something truly genuine in the way he captures our times: a bored kid playing an infectious mix of noise-punk-pop with sunny melodies immersed in distortion. Or, a bored kid doing abrasive and vital music in his bedroom to forget why he's so bored. (8/10)

Wavves - So Bored (unofficial video)

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