Monday, February 16, 2009

3 songs for the week

Ellie Goulding - Wish I Stayed (feat. Frankmusik)

"Simple ways getting played"

One of my female tips for 2009, Ellie Goulding has a touching vulnerable voice and great song-writing skills. In this song, her lovely introspective charms are joined together with the electro-pop midas-touch of Frankmusik, one never shy to add a bit of vocoder here and there. The result, marrying folk with electro, is nothing short of brilliant and one of the best songs I've heard in a while.

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Giantess - Tuff 'n Stuff

"How do we get high when the sun gets low?"

A few more months and these guys will be everyone's favourite new band. Stick-in-your-head melodies, an absurd amount of involving keyboards and infectious synth-lines, and so much loud energy and intense exuberance that, when getting into the chorus, they have no choice but to slow it down and make a catchy-as-fuck love declaration.

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US Royalty - Keep It Cool (Bo Flex Remix)

"Words slipping through my hands"

The original is just an average rock track, but Bo Flex (a.k.a. Ayad Al-Adhamy, a Passion Pit member that also doubles as producer of Giantess) takes it into a whole new level, immersing the melody into layers of icy synths and unashamedly dated keyboards and handclaps, creating a celebratory anthem to shout out loud.

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Anonymous said...

So you've read Neon Gold then.

You have a real talent for finding things!

PR said...

Yes, Neon Gold is one of the best sources out there to find new music! but not the only one :)

Anonymous said...

Yet your last 3 posts are all directly from Neon Gold.


PR said...

well, stay tuned for more posts, some of them won't be neon-gold related :)