Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ricardo Villalobos - Vasco EP

Ricardo Villalobos, once minimal techno's beloved guru, has long transcended the frontiers of this genre, building a space of his own where he's been happily making small revolutions in electronic music. Following the hallucinating aural poem that was last year's Fabric 36, 2008 sees him release an EP that actually has the length of a proper album, with 70 minutes divided by just 4 tracks. Once again a mechanical and repetitive beat is just the beginning, the end being the subliminal layers of innumerous sounds and samples that he creates around and even inside those same beats, always with a broad sense of inspiration that abolishes any musical classifications. In the end, here's a lesson on how to play with the notion of space and time at your own terms and where the definition of "transparent sounds" suddenly starts making sense, in one of the most fluid and hypnotical records of the year. (8/10)

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