Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Week That Was - The Week That Was

Inspired by the written stories of Paul Auster, The Week That Was is an ambitious conceptual album with a plot that goes around a crime thriller (or, to be more precise, a kidnap) while, at the same time, commenting about the power that the media has in our lives today. A side-project of Field Music's Peter Brewis, here's a pop record that is, at the same time, compelling, intelligent and hugely entertaining. And if lyric-wise there's a lot to pay attention to, musically it's no different: this record touches so many things that each song seems like a new twist that takes the whole project into a different direction, be it prog-pop, post-punk or glam rock, always with a very contemporary attitude. The result is not short of great details, one of the best being the powerful tension constantly felt between the abrasive urgency of its drums and the intricate melodies of its clever song-writing. (7,5/10)

The Week That Was - Learn To Learn (video)

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