Monday, September 01, 2008

Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

Music has never been so accessible as nowadays and one of the most direct consequences of this democratization is the gradual deletion of its categories and frontiers, be it in genres, geography, target groups or even when you think about past / present / future. Girl Talk, alter-ego for Gregg Gillis, is another synthesis product of this fact. Incorporating only sounds from pre-existing and well known songs, all the music heard in "Feed The Animals" (his fourth album) is sampled from an infinite quantity of different sources that, pretty much, cover the entire pop music history. Really, think about a specific favourite song of yours from the last 40 years and there's a good chance that it will be included somewhere in these 53 unstoppable minutes, even if just for a few seconds, only a small part of it (be it a bass-line, a beat, a voice, a guitar riff, etc.) and mashed-up with a few other elements from completely different songs. Putting everything together must have been a hell of a work that needed to use a very detailed, scientific and encyclopedic approach, but the best of it, besides the good taste in choosing the different materials sampled, is that everything flows so naturally and, most of all, sounds so spontaneously fun. (7/10)

Girl Talk - Like This (fan video)

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