Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Late Of The Pier - Fantasy Black Channel

After almost two years of intense hype-building, with an initial self-released record ("Zarcorp Demo"), jumping on and off the nu-rave bandwagon, and a handful of infectious singles and awesome videos, the culmination of all this is finally here with this debut album, confirming that there's much more to these four Nottingham boys than just being the latest fashionable band. With a very important hand from producer Erol Alkan, "Fantasy Black Channel" is a glorious collection of songs that further explore their trademarks (twisted structures applied to catchy anthemic lines), while also adding a vibrant confidence to their energetic world that is truly addictive. With a wide range of influences that go from glam rock to space electro or synth pop, they manage to build a whole new parallel universe using a healthy portion of modern paranoia mixed with an infectious dose of youthful enthusiasm. Comparisons to Klaxons and their "Myths Of The Near Future" have abound and, although a bit understandable (besides the unfair "nu-rave" thing, they both have a very specific colorful approach to their universe and, most importantly, to their music), these can also be quite reductive. Make no mistake, Late Of The Pier live in a place of their own and that's a hell of a non-stop futuristic party thing to be in. (8,5/10)

Late Of The Pier - Heartbeat (video)

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