Sunday, June 29, 2008

Let the hype begin...

Above, the stills from Grace Jones new video, called "Corporate Cannibal". It was premiered at the Meltdown Festival (curated this year by Massive Attack) where Grace gave a 2-hour show that seems to have amazed everyone. Her last studio album goes back to 1989 but 2008 will see her releasing "The Hurricane" album, and I can't wait for it any longer. This new song is really impressive and as avant-garde as she was in the 80's, so she is due for a great comeback. Other leaked songs didn't disappoint me either. She is one of the most important performers ever, one of the first truly originals to exploit the importance of image in music by becoming the muse of artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and her former lover Jean Paul Goude. Let's put it this way: without Grace there would be no Björk.

Bellow, the video for "Corporate Cannibal" as screened during the Meltdown Festival:

And the hedonistic disco classic "Pull Up To The Bumper" performance:

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