Saturday, May 10, 2008

Late Of The Pier videos

Space And The Woods


Fresh from the fantastic "Bathroom Gurgle" (one of my favourite songs of 2007) and the derivative good fun that was "The Bears Are Coming", Late of The Pier's new single stands as a double-A sided extravaganza with each song having its own video, insuflating the already-hot anticipation for their debut album, which is being recorded together with producer Erol Alkan. Free from the new-rave gimmicks they were first accused of using, these two solid and confident songs are nothing less than huge moments to make you lose your composure. "Space And The Woods" was their first single in the beginning of 2007, but now gets a brand new version which is polished by Mr. Alkan and that epic synth line gets even more epic, while the video is a big production finding the band immersed in a variety of mind-blowing visuals. Singing "I’m shit-hot, so say what you think about me” and actually getting away with it is not common, but that's exactly what happens in here. As for "Focker", this is the recorded version of a long-time live favourite, an electro oddity that comes with an hilarious video, and a song that stands as a testament to their talent in writing great schizophrenic songs with out-of-the-norm structures. And now the album, please.

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