Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm Not There

First things first, I don't know much about Bob Dylan's career, so it was with mixed expectations that I went to see this movie. After all, Velvet Goldmine (also directed by Todd Haynes) is still one of my favourite movies ever, but it was also about something I could easily identify, while I'm Not There was basically a complete shot in the dark. And with that in mind, it ended up being an even greater surprise. Using 6 actors to represent 7 different masks of Dylan's persona, some almost literal pastiches while others working more as free variations / interpretations, the final result is nothing less than extremely intriguing, thanks in no small part to the surreal atmosphere that subliminally dominates the movie. Working partially as a visual poem inspired by Bob Dylan, each of the 7 segments flows smoothly while intercepting each others, as if everything was mostly an intensely seductive dream.


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