Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Dodos - Visiter

Coming from San Francisco, what's more surprising about this duo is the way they manage to create a whole new sound using only a minimal set consisting of a drum kit, acoustic guitars and vocals, with the occasional additions of a banjo, piano and horns. The most cited comparisons have been to Animal Collective, as both projects present a primitive and ritualistic atmosphere while, at the same time, playing with the concept of folk music and adding new inventive approaches. Still, this is something else. With and impressive asset of songs that exult vitality and armed with unexpected shifts and creative structures, this is music with a huge sense of urgency, needing to celebrate the most primal aspects of life. The fact that it does so while daring to experiment with the concepts of melody and rhythm in an almost old-fashioned way makes "Visiter" one of those records that is difficult to get at first, but when that happens it becomes even harder to leave. (9/10)

The Dodos - Fools (video)

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[Bat for Lashes, What's a Girl To Do]