Monday, March 31, 2008

Guillemots - Red

This is only the second album from London-based quartet Guillemots, but it already marks a huge departure from their previous trademark sound and attitude. Forget the indie world they used to live in, say hello to epic pop ebullience. Full of grandiose tunes, opulent arrangements, pulsating rhythms, driving guitars and odd details, the sky is only the limit in here. So whatever is in hand to send these songs to the stratosphere will not be rejected, be it mid-eastern sounds, pounding synths, r&b-inspired melodies, touching love moments, shiny chants, catchy choruses or even futuristic eurovision exuberance. Defying preconceived notions of acceptability in music and armed with an ambitious confidence and excellent production values, Guillemots dare to experiment with pop music, taking true risks, pushing boundaries and proving that excessive moments can be truly inspiring and uplifting. The reward is an over-the-top collection of inventive pop songs that completely blow us away with their bigger-than-life euphory and optimism. (8/10).

Guillemots - Get Over It (video)

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