Sunday, January 27, 2008

These New Puritans - Beat Pyramid

With friends like Hedi Slimane or The Horrors and a fast-rising hype surounding them, it was easy to predict that These New Puritans would mark 2008. Now that their first album is finally out, I'm happy to announce that this time you should believe the hype, as "Beat Pyramid" completely fulfils every expectation you could have and then some. Being another one of those objects that uses many different references and sources to create its own unique sound, this time the experience is highly successful, as everything really sounds exciting and new. Exploring claustrophobic atmospheres and using a dense sonic-architecture, sharp guitars (that somehow remind me of Gang Of Four) and an enormous panoply of electronic sounds and samples, its biggest asset actually comes from the rhythmic section. Drawing highly intricate structures, it's here that everything is based upon, supporting an hallucinating approach to rock that is topped by vocalist Jack Barnett and his schizophrenic shouts. A soundtrack to futuristic industrial landscapes or artificial paranoid societies, strange at first but immensely seducing and, above all, extremely addictive. (8,5/10)

These New Puritans - Elvis (video)

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runcible goose said...

xtrordinary album. so well-plotted.