Saturday, November 17, 2007

Deepchord presents Echospace - The Coldest Season

After years of limited-edition maxi-singles, "The Coldest Season" collects a series of previous vinyl-only cuts that Rob "Deepchord" Modell has been putting out and is the first high-profile release for label Echospace. Coming from Detroit, the city where techno was born, Deepchord music is actually much closer to what we've been hearing for more than a decade from Berlin label Basic Channel, in a sub-genre generally known as dub-techno. That is to say, here we mostly have minimal digressions based on a profound bass, dub effects, deep chords, muted echoes and a general narcotic ambience. Add an obsessive attention to details and an involving progression with strong hypnotic results and "The Coldest Season" stands for one of the best dub-techno excursions in quite some time. And finally, the main touch: recorded using only vintage-analog equipment, there's a strong and unique identity coming from the fact that its synths seem made of ice and wind. Just perfect for this coldest season (thus, the title doesn't lie). (8,5/10)

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