Saturday, October 13, 2007

September Collective - All The Birds Were Anarchists

Consisting of Stefan Schneider (from To Rococo Rot), Barbara Morgenstern and Paul Wirkus, Berlin-based electronic project September Collective seem to give as much attention to silence as to sounds when making music. Building delicate pieces out of micro-details, experimental structures and improvisation dynamics, their goal seems to be finding melody out of the concept of sound-bricolage, but always with a very sparse use of sounds and loops. There's also an important aspect that calls to attention the title "All The Birds Were Anarchists" (and also its cover), as everything sounds very nature-related, as if these were the little sounds that could be heard out there in the forrests. In a way, it brings to mind the best moments of danish project Opiate and their "While You Were Sleeping" album, though with a less ethereal approach and a more down-to-earth / organic attitude. (7/10)

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