Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Strategy - Future Rock

And here's another good example of what you can achieve when putting together so many different references and, almost by accident, ending up with something new in your hands. The title "Future Rock" may be a little bit exaggerated, but Strategy's music couldn't sound more actual. Once again, and like Joakim, the main comparison is Studio's "Yearbook 1", but if Joakim used the same methods reaching totally different results (darker, creepier, moodier, colder), Strategy's approach is almost identical to Studio's (and if there's any complaint to be had, that's basically the only one). Meaning we have long and warm electronic digressions full of groove, with acoustic appointments, sporadic (altered) vocals and an overall nostalgic and indolent feeling, where the sun can be felt in almost every second, while you end up dreaming only of positive things. The press, always hungy for new classifications, has invented the term "Balearic", and considering the associations this word brings to mind (holidays, the sea, relaxing in the sunset on a desert island) this time they're not really that far from the truth. (8,5/10)

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eu said...

Well, something new in your hands.
I'm trying.

D. Galinha