Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kanye West - Graduation

There's still some justice in the world after all. Kanye West has outsold 50 Cent in first-week sales of their new albums in what has been called "the sissiest rap battle ever" (and now apparently 50 Cent will have to retire, if he wants to keep his word...oh well...). Ok, maybe "Graduation" doesn't have that novelty appeal of "College Dropout" or the grandiose strings-induced-goosebumps of "Late Registration", though it probably is his most consistent record yet. But most of all, dude still knows how to search for lost samples and incorporate a multitude of references (this time even including european-techno or krautrock) to create an orgasmic mix of kaleidoscopic sounds that surpass the usual hip-hop frontiers. (7,5/10)

Kanye West - Stronger (video)

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