Monday, August 27, 2007

Joakim - Monsters & Silly Songs

If a few years ago music was well compartmented and divided into clear and autonomous styles, it seems that nowadays the main goal is to use a bit of everything, inventing post-post-movements which, occasionally, manage to create something completely new. This year we already had a mesmerizing paradigm of all this, with Studio's "Yearbook 1", one of this year's best records, with an unique cohesion that came from using so many different and only apparently antagonic styles like new-wave or afro-beat. Joakim, founder of french label Tigersushi Records and well-respected musician, has just done something similar with his third album, one of those records that are happy to confuse our expectations. A bit of new-wave here, some ambient music there, add elements of krautrock, electro, rock, funk, house, psychedelic sounds or even concrete music and voilà, you have "Monsters And Silly Songs". Looking for inspiration in so many different places could result in a total mess, but that's not the case: there's always an unexpected angle, surprising musical solutions and a strong (and somehow charmingly dark) identity, finding a new order out of chaos, one that makes "Monsters And Silly Songs" sounding so urgent and vital that it could only come from this exact moment. (8/10)

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