Sunday, July 08, 2007

SBSR Day 3 (Home Videos # 7)

Interpol - Obstacle 1

Interpol ended up as the biggest surprise of the festival for me. Although being one of my favourite bands playing, I had always thought that their geometrically perfect songs were too dark and special to be totally efective at a big open-air festival like this. After the intensity felt during their performance, I have to say that I was obviously wrong. And what's even funnier is that they just had to be themselves for the magic to happen. Never underestimate the hypnotic powers of an Interpol song.

TV On The Radio - Let The Devil In

No one is making music like them nowadays and that also means that their trademark sound is probably too apocalyptic and loaded with small details to be fully appreciated at daylight by an open-air crowd. Their solution was to bring more physical elements to their songs, resulting in some very intense and involving moments. Still, I'm anxiously waiting to see these guys again in a more intimate venue.

The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control

Besides other attributes (the smallest of which certainly not being her powerful voice), Beth Ditto has a special aura and that was felt during The Gossip concert. Communicating a lot with the audience, it feels almost too easy to like her and ending up in complete connection, even when the music is really not that extraordinary. The result? Some more thousands of people falling into The Gossip cause.

(filmed on the 05-07-2007 at Parque Tejo, Lisbon)


Frioleiras said...

Foste ver os Interpol
Festival Super Bock?...

com saudades, mts !


Random types said...

Sim, entre outros :)