Friday, July 06, 2007

SBSR Day 1 (Home Videos # 5)

Arcade Fire - Black Mirror + No Cars Go

Expectations were high and they definitely didn't disappoint. Their music is perfect to be played live and the intensity they put in their performances is totally contagious, making each song seem as a huge celebration and taking the whole crowd into a frenzy state of mass adulation.

Bloc Party - Waiting For The 7.18 + Banquet

Bloc Party were professional and efficient, though their second album is sounding more and more irregular to me, as if they're taking themselves too seriously, and I felt a bit of that at the concert as well.

Klaxons - Atlantis To Interzone

if you read this blog regularly, you'll already know that Klaxons are one of my favourite bands right now and their concert confirmed my suspicions. Even though suffering from sound problems that affected their performance, the enthusiasm they're feeling while doing what they're doing is palpable, as well as the sense of urgency that I love about them.

(filmed on the 03-07-2007 at Parque Tejo, Lisbon)

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