Saturday, June 09, 2007

Parts & Labor - Mapmaker

Exciting times for music, these ones, when you can stumble across a new favourite band almost every day. Of course that with so many new releases, projects and material surfacing, there has to be a selection, but Parts & Labor are one of those new discoveries that make all the research efforts worth it. For those of you wondering who are Parts & Labor, I had no idea until I heard this recent record which, for the matter, is already their fourth. "Mapmaker" is basically a very modern punk-rock-noise celebration. Modern because it grabs punk's teenage enthusiasm and infuses it with original rhythmic structures, explosive keyboards in place of guitars and unusual textures. But more than all the experimentation felt all over it (inserting so many surprising elements and effects in each song), there's also that cathartic and explosive atmosphere that takes it to a whole new level, one that breathes a joy-of-living-and-playing and finds a reason to celebrate above all the abounding misery facts. Inducing high-doses of adrenaline and a celebratory mood with noise-oriented tracks full of challenging details requires a huge dose of balance that is not a common achievement. With "Mapmaker", Brooklyn project Parts & Labor has managed to do just that in such an infectious way that makes it all seem the easiest thing in the world. (8/10)

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