Saturday, June 23, 2007

Justice - †

Considering that the hype for this record was huge even months before its release and that expectations were sky-rocketing, the least we can say about "†" is that it doesn't disappoint at all. French duo Justice (Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay) deliver what will probably be the clubs soundtrack for this summer, destined to take crowds all over the world into an enthusiastic hedonistic mood. Full of maximalism anthems, loud metallic synthesizers that sound even more powerful than 100 guitars and an unstoppable digital energy, "†" is the aural equivalent of many electronic exclamation-marks put together to make a frenetic and kaleidoscopic no-rules party. Rich and full of not so discreet details, everything is multiplied by the highest possible factor, not afraid to embrace bad taste or committing excesses. In cases like this, when subtlety is something to be laughed at, everything could degenerate into inconsequence, but an hallucinating sense of funkyness and an inventive inspiration to take house and disco to new sick and twisted levels saves the day. Infectious stuff. (8,5/10)

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audrey said...

"grandes JANTARADAS"