Thursday, May 10, 2007


This movie has been talked about mostly because of its sex scenes, which is a bit unfair. True, there are some very explicit ones, not common in this kind of movies, but for the matter, most of them are at the very beginning, so let's just overcome it, and move on, ok? Shortbus is mostly a complex, emotional and unpretentious look into the daily lives of a small group of people in New York, exploring their relationships, their frustations, hopes and obsessions, in a very realistic, natural and free way that goes back to the spirit of the 1970's, while the "Shortbus" itself in the movie is the name of a club very similar to what the private rooms in Studio 54 must have been like in its glory days. And even if all characters are somehow very peculiar, you end up worrying about their destinies, in a movie that slowly builds up a sense of involvement, until it finally explodes in its literally orgasmic finale. In the end, we all have sex and want to be happy and find love, right? And therein lies the beauty of this movie.


Laura said...

"(...)we all have sex and want to be happy and find love, right?"
I want to be happy!!!

Random types said...

e vais ser :*