Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ben Frost - Theory Of Machines

Australian born Iceland-resident Ben Frost may surprise quite a few people, considering that his "Theory Of Machines" album could be classified as ambient electronic music but is actually not the sort you'd come to expect from our northern island friends. No, this doesn't consist only of beautiful atmospheric sounds or candid and spacious melodies, although it also has them. "Theory Of Machines" is mostly a complete study on the sort of dense melodic sounds that can come out of distorted noise imperfections and layers of reverb. Exploring sound impurities and with a raw and nervous feeling blended all over it (sometimes even approaching death-metal-like atmospheres), this album is very evocative but it mostly brings to mind things associated with words like dark, visceral or menacing. With a very strong composition behind it, we're taken into a detailed world full of involving crescendos, intense peaks and groundbreaking industrial sounds. If ever there's a thing like placid and beautiful nightmares, here's your soundtrack to it. (8/10)

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