Saturday, March 31, 2007

Panda Bear - Person Pitch

Lisbon as the new Berlin? Maybe not yet, but still... The story goes something like this: musician from a famous and well-respected american band (Animal Collective) goes to Lisbon to play in a concert; musician meets girl there and falls in love; musician moves to Lisbon to live with his new-found love and has a daugther; in the intervals of the activity with his main-project band, he makes his second solo album at his new home-city and ends up with the best record so far coming from the Animal Collective constellation. All very nice, but why the Lisbon reference in this text, you might ask? Because that album, "Person Pitch", is luminous in a way that could only be possible when influenced by the most beautiful thing that Lisbon has to offer: its unique light. Beautiful, distant and serene melodies (with harmonies not far from what Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys have done in their best moments, like the ones heard in "Pet Sounds") and a concentrate of subliminal musical ideas that, pretty much, summarize most of modern music history so far: folk, electronica, concrete music, pop, indie rock, experimental music, dub, minimalism... An encyclopedia that will surely become one of this year's most original and magical moments. (9/10)

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