Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Music Videos # 36

Battles - Atlas

Speaking of originality, here's another good example from Battles. I have to confess that during the first times I listened to this, the voice treatment was slightly annoying me, but with a few more auditions and after realizing that the voice was actually to be heard like another very peculiar instrument, I've totally managed to overcome that. Truly an addictive song, very well constructed and with an infections rhythm. As for the video, directed by Timothy Saccenti, it's so amazing that it has to be seen to be believed, so there you have it.

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Frioleiras said...

Meu querido,
durante a semana,
para combinar hora
do jantarinho de Páscoa,
na próxima 6a. feira...
Contente, por te ir ver...