Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Music Videos # 35

Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (2007 version)

Klaxons have re-recorded their video for Gravity's Rainbow and, although the concept and most scenes and shots are very similar, it has a totally different approach. Where last year's version was all colorful and almost childish, with a do-it-yourself feeling, this one is much darker and explores a spookier imaginary while also looking more professional (and with a bigger budget). Objectively I really can't say which one is the best, although my subjective feelings go for the older version, as it was one of my first contacts with their fascinating universe. In case you want to compare and form your own opinion, here's the old version again...

Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (2006 version)

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Frioleiras said...

Vou roubar-te a versão 2007 ...