Sunday, March 04, 2007

LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver

After years in the underground being the coolest guy in the world, James Murphy's second album as LCD Soundsystem is destined to send him into fame's stratosphere. Why? Because in a very efficient way, it condenses everything he has done until now, being a magnificent catalogue of what DFA records and LCD Soundsystem are supposed to be. So we have the usual cosmic travels, ironic vocals and messages, addictive basslines, cowbells, punk, funk, disco, and everything else put together in an infectious way. Only problem? Something called "45:33", a track with that exact length, that LCD Soundsystem did for Nike some months ago as a digital-download-only release. Conceptually made to be heard while working-out, "45:33" was, quite frankly, a masterpiece, something two-steps-ahead-of-anything-else, even including all of his previous work, sending LCD Soundsystem into places they never were before, like italo-disco, microhouse or ambience electronics and, on its way, keeping us hypnotized (and jogging) for, hum, 45 minutes and 33 seconds. A few months later, "Sound Of Silver" seems to put him back on tracks and unfortunately that also means it goes one step back after "45:33", with a couple of songs dangerously approaching predictability. Even so, the truth is that this guy can still do no wrong, and there's enough material in here to send us to space. And with that, the coolness factor is intact. (8/10)

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