Sunday, February 18, 2007

James Holden - The Idiots Are Winning

"Horizontal Dancing" is an expression more than 10 years old, invented in the mid-90's to describe those electronic songs made to be heard at home instead of clubs. So, after all this time, it's not surprising anymore when some of nowadays so-called "dance music" is virtually impossible to dance to. James Holden is the latest example. Knowing that he's done remixes for people like Madonna, Depeche Mode or New Order, it was natural to expect basic trance-a-like sounds from his first solo album, sounds made to bring ecstatic pleasure to dance-crowds in clubs all over the world, right? Wrong. The Idiots Are Winning is surprisingly a beautiful and impressive collection of home-made electronic sounds mostly aimed to feed your brain with intelligent sources and sonic poetry. Some leftovers of house, techno, trance or even disco can be heard, but mostly to be twisted and distorted until being almost impossible to recognise them. So mostly what we have is a minimal and hypnotic language made of small detailed dance elements, great to let your imagination fly...while laying down on your sofa. (7/10)

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